To date,
no country in the world
has achieved gender equality.

Empowering girls is the key to turning the tide.

Starting in Taiwan, The Garden of Hope (GOH) Foundation has a long history of empowering girls across Asia.

One of our signature programs, “Formosa Girl Awards”, is now in its 20th year. We aim to redefine girlhood by recognizing Taiwanese girls who have demonstrated atypical, outstanding qualities, such as "confidence, knowledge, vitality, courage, and responsibility.

Whereas “Asian Girls Award” aims to encourage Asian developing countries to invest in girls by empowering Asian girl leaders who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in girls’ human rights. These girls have survived, and yet have transcended their suffering and become inspirational survivors.

Through a “My Story My Turn,” the exhibition provides to provide participants a dialogue with past Girls Award winners,

to witness the girls’ circumstances
and their passion to change the world,
to support the initiative to empower girls.

Investing in girls is an investment in the future of our country, and that the actual participation of girls in public affairs will promote economic development, eliminate poverty and gender-based violence, and achieve the vision of gender equality sooner. GOH will continue to create a world where every girl has the right to decide her life, her future, how she wants to treat her body, and speak for herself.

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